Whilw we werein the market for a pool table we looked at a lot of different ones. Most of them were broke down and you couldn't play on them. This was a major downside and we passed on all of the options that were already broke down.

A table mechanic once told me to never buy a table you can't shoot on first. A disassembled would be a red flag to most serious buyers. Just like a car you couldn't test drive. When you see a disassembled table, it's often difficult to see if all the parts are there. There may be missing screws or bolts, and the buyer wouldn't know until they have the table halfway put together.

Be realistic about what you're buying if it's a basic home table from a big box store don't let them make it out like it's a Gold Crown. It isn't.


A lot of what makes having a fun space is actually getting to use it. But they should aso be multi purpose. Party basements are good. But having the chance to turn it into a theater are even better.

We have an Epson 8350 and I love it!

I've seen it on amazon for $1050 but we got ours for around $800 used. Only thing I can complain about is that it gets pixelated with fast motion scenes so I'd rather it be 120hz or something better.

We also picked up an Elite retractable screen with 1.1 gain so it wouldn't be as bright.

Just be sure you have dark curtains if you have any large windows or you can't watch during the day. For the basement this isn't a problem. It works great in low light but not in bright light.

The reason I commented about the 120hz is that when numerous pixels change colors quickly you'll see artifacts. Since it's 120" this will stand out much more than on a 60" TV. A faster processor and display capable of rendering at 120hz or more won't have artifacts. Many people don't like the "soap opera" look this causes. Personally, I want the best picture so I like the effect. Most sets have a setting to turn that off if you don't like it though.

That's my understanding at least. At 120" I think more that 60hz is necessary but this thing is great and I won't replace it until 4k led projectors are this cheap.

Keep in mind, this doesn't include your receiver, speakers, materials, this is just the projector. I think the total for the materials which included lumber, drywall, paints, etc was another $250-$300. It really wasn't that much total. I did everything on a lower budget so it looked good, but didn't cost that much.


Both or our pool tables were used. One with major wear that needed to be repaired and the other was in perfect condition.

A table is a table as long as it's late and the price is right.

Both were.

You never said how much the table is. There's always the off chance if the table was stored in pieces that the slate can warp, don't let anyone fo you to think that slate can't warp because I've seen it many times firsthand. It is able to be fixed but we will touch base on that and another subject if you needed.

I personally had an Olhausen table and I will never buy one again because I don't like the way they play.

They are commonly known in the pool playing world as furniture grade tables. No professional player will choose a Olhausen. But if you're just looking for a table to have fun on in your house, then they are just fine. The Accu-fast cushions are great because they never wear out but they have a lot of rebound on them so therefore the inside the pockets by the facings have a lot of spring causing what is known on Olhausen tables as pocket rattle or the rattle of death.

Pool tables are notoriously known for not retaining value. The only tables that will really retain value well are good quality tables like a Brunswick or a Diamond Pro.

And even those will still lose value over time.


My goals are small this year. It is more about an attempt to get organized. I have a collection passed down from relative, which has been sitting unsorted for years. One reason that it has gone undone is because most of what is in there is a mix of stamps from Canada, and from the 20's to 50's.

Organization is key to stamp collecting and I have some real beauties that I need to get sorted out.

That means I need to:

  • to mount all of my Netherlands & former colonies (Surinam, Curaçao, Netherlands Antilles, Dutch Indies, Indonesia) stamps on self made album pages
  • to learn about postal history collecting of Curaçao and get some (more) covers
  • to write up and complete Tunisia, Cameroon, and Mali after independence (until 1970)

I have some stamps that I'd like to get authenticated before I take any further action with them.

I also have a lot of extraneous stamps, including a lot of on- and off-paper US kiloware, that I'd like to gradually sell off and reinvest whatever proceeds I get from them into my collection.

I also want to collect all of the stamps from all of my families weddings. Not just the nieces but also of my brothers, sisters, and parents. I know they only have the sentimental value, but that is a value none the less. A lot of my nieces are opting for custom postage so that makes it even more rewarding since these really are in short supply. Even if they aren't worth anything. A lot of websites like give you the chance to print your own stamps for weddings. They are real stamps. So I want to make a real collection for them.

Some of my collection was organized during my drinking days. I'm hoping to get everything organized in a way that makes sense, as well as mounting all the loose stamps I have lying around (if but only for storage).

Plus my youngest wants to start collecting Japanese stamps. We use Wunderlist, you can even add images etc. I like that there are desktop and mobile apps, which keep everything synced. She can use here phone and I can use my computer.

It allows us to connect in ways I never thought were possible.


I have come to view 'alcoholism' as kind of a cunning 3rd party that resides in my brain that I have to do battle with periodically every day. I believe that sobriety is yet another party in our minds but with good intentions.

I think about this concept every day. Having gone through the experience of just being dry, then falling into relapse and finally making the decision to commit to Alcoholics Anonymous and seeing/feeling real sobriety is the best feeling in the world.

it's been quite painful at times, but I feel as though it's made me a better person than I was even way before alcohol entered my life. I look at my interactions with people, my motivations for doing certain things, and my thought processes.

The process I'm currently in has offered me so many more gifts that I ever thought possible. A new life is opening up daily for me - and I love it. It truly is the only way of life for me.


We had a sump pump in the basement, well we still do, but it isn't noticable anymore. They can be really unslightly, but you can avoid making them a fixture of your space.

Our solution was to give it its own room. We banged together a wall around it and put a door on it.

You would still want to frame it to code, which is usually 16 inches between studs in our area. In some areas, it can be down to 12 inches, or up to 24 inches depending on the load being supported. As yours would not be load bearing, I would just check code to see what the options are and calculate out the minimum amount of space needed to cover the area as I am guessing you don't want it to be a focal point.

I would run it up to the ceiling to avoid creating a shelf and another spot for dust/spiders/crap to gather and just consider the space a write-off. If you do that, you might as well put a regular door on it.

You can get prehung doors that are 18x80 if you are looking to minimize the doorway.

Of course, you could always build a short shelf over it and put a cabinet door over it, but you might want a little more space should you ever need to get in there later.

Just make sure it's done to code.

As for a door something that I'd personally suggest a simple closet style track door. Nice and easy, looks clean, and it's basically going to be a closet.