We have two pool tables in the basement. One of them was for special occasions, the other was a beater.

For the good one I decided it would be neat to turn it into a dining table of sorts.

I had to actually change my plans a couple of times.

These were pit falls that I ran into while working on the project.

Have a look if you can even put chairs under the pool table.

Is the table going to be too high, do you need to use stools instead of chairs.

If you cant fit under the table as is consider making the table top wider to give leg room.

Will widening the table make it too big for the room.

Consider veneers for the top surface so you can make it thinner, how are you going to protect the pool table edges when the table is on the top.

Consider making the top surface in leaves so you can remove it easily and possibly store it lengthways in recesses under the pool table.

Tables made in this way tend to have dowels to mate the edges securely with each other and table locks or similar to make sure they stay together.

Lots of expense. Lots of time invested. The result wasn't as good as I had hoped for.


A lot of collectors don't even know they were collectors. They will suddenly find a stamp collection from when I were 6 years old that I did with my their parents.

A kiddie Album.

As the name suggests, these were aimed at children and are usually filled with cheap stamps that could be bought in bulk (the albums you have probably came with 1,000 stamps included). While the odd rarity can sometimes turn up in such lots, anything obviously valuable would have been picked out along the way.

Unless you remember spending a lot of money on the stamps back then, it's probably not worth anything. You could take pictures and put it on eBay.

Maybe someone will pay you something for the albums.

My advice would be to take the album to Goodwill or the like. The chances of any of the stamps being worth anything is not high enough to justify the time and effort it would take for you to do the research necessary to find out.

If you really feel like sifting through them, you can always check if your local library has a copy of the Scott Catalogue.

Scott covers pretty much every officially issued stamp from pretty much every country. The values will be far beyond what you might actually get for most stamps on the open market, but it's at least a good starting point.

That said, Scott has a pretty steep learning curve, too. I've been looking at those books for years and I still get confused.

So, for US stamps, I use a copy of Mystic Stamp Company's US stamp catalog. Again, the prices they have will be far more than what they're worth, but they have pretty much every US postal stamp (barring some of the excessively rare, inordinately valuable ones) printed in full color. It's my best friend for inventory purposes.

As a rule of thumb, though, most stamps aren't worth much of anything.

My collection was pretty similar when I got back in the game, so I know this from experience. There is a chance, however, of one or two gems being in there, although that chance is infinitesimal at best.

I hope this helps somewhat!


Pick one stamp to save up for then buy it. Once you buy it they save for another and continue the process.


Well, stamp collecting is a hobby for people with money... I would not expect kids to collect stamps, as well as most young adults. I know how hard is having expensive hobby when you have no time, low income, family. So it was never surprise for me, that stamp collectors are usually old. Just imagine: your kids are adult, you have more time, more money - perfect time for expensive collection.

I know that it is not needed to have big money to get small collection. But I can imagine, that most of collectors dreams about old stamps, nice rarities, etc. etc., it is harder to find something exciting about stamps you see everyday. Well, there is always way to combine collecting money with history... But reading is much less thrilling for most people, than having hundreds years old stamps.

If you treat it like an investment, you're gonna make a bad investment.

Stamp collecting is a hobby that costs money. In contrast to many other hobbies you'll get a lot of your money back when you decide to sell but it's not an investment.

But most stamps you can find some history on, variations of and many pictures of, share your collection and look at others via several different sites.

Ebay has some pretty massive collecting going on but I think there are some huge potentials and significant draw backs using an online platform for collecting.

I started with proof sets as it's pretty hard to misjudge one (some are stuck way better than others but all in all it evens out), then branched into some slabbed stuff and been happy, it's when I go out on a limb and get a raw coin that I get disappointed, only two haven't disappointed me, low dollar stuff, had it been high dollar I 'd be on medication for depression.


Drink? It's the easy way.

Drinking is how I would avoid dealing with my problems and emotions. It was so easy to grab some liquor and forget about what was bothering me so I could "be happy" which was ths false sense that was never happy.

Honestly, I catch myself sometimes wishing I could just drown myself in a swimming pool of liquor and blame everyone else for my problems.

I've been reflecting on this for a while so it's funny that this is one of the first posts I saw on this sub today.

Dranking allowed me to avoid dealing with my issues and emotions. I'm trying to deal with them now although I get sick of it sometimes. But I'm not giving up we have to never forget how the good leads to the bad that landed us all in our desperate situations.

It is like the end of a relationship.

When you break up, you are thinking about the end and the shit that led to the end. But with time you remember the good and forget the bad. Then five years later you see that person at a party and think why the hell did we ever break up? But if you are dumb enough to hook up again, it is not long before the shit comes out again.

Oh right, this is why we broke up.


It really is astounding.

I feel free.

Free like I never felt strapped to a bottle.

How long did it take?

Sobriety is the ultimate life hack.

Seriously, it cured all the things I'd been seeking medical help for.

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Rosacea
  • Excessive perspiration


Literally tens of thousands of dollars seeking a medical cure for something I was spending tens of thousands of dollars doing to myself.


I would have paid thousands for a drug that did all this for me, but instead we get it for free. Sobriety has been like water from the fountain of youth for me. I feel like I have regained my love of life.

I survived a party last night, lots of drinking, and today, knowing that I didn't drink, that I don't have the self-hate and the worry about what I did, words cannot describe it.