Both or our pool tables were used. One with major wear that needed to be repaired and the other was in perfect condition.

A table is a table as long as it's late and the price is right.

Both were.

You never said how much the table is. There's always the off chance if the table was stored in pieces that the slate can warp, don't let anyone fo you to think that slate can't warp because I've seen it many times firsthand. It is able to be fixed but we will touch base on that and another subject if you needed.

I personally had an Olhausen table and I will never buy one again because I don't like the way they play.

They are commonly known in the pool playing world as furniture grade tables. No professional player will choose a Olhausen. But if you're just looking for a table to have fun on in your house, then they are just fine. The Accu-fast cushions are great because they never wear out but they have a lot of rebound on them so therefore the inside the pockets by the facings have a lot of spring causing what is known on Olhausen tables as pocket rattle or the rattle of death.

Pool tables are notoriously known for not retaining value. The only tables that will really retain value well are good quality tables like a Brunswick or a Diamond Pro.

And even those will still lose value over time.