I have come to view 'alcoholism' as kind of a cunning 3rd party that resides in my brain that I have to do battle with periodically every day. I believe that sobriety is yet another party in our minds but with good intentions.

I think about this concept every day. Having gone through the experience of just being dry, then falling into relapse and finally making the decision to commit to Alcoholics Anonymous and seeing/feeling real sobriety is the best feeling in the world.

it's been quite painful at times, but I feel as though it's made me a better person than I was even way before alcohol entered my life. I look at my interactions with people, my motivations for doing certain things, and my thought processes.

The process I'm currently in has offered me so many more gifts that I ever thought possible. A new life is opening up daily for me - and I love it. It truly is the only way of life for me.