My goals are small this year. It is more about an attempt to get organized. I have a collection passed down from relative, which has been sitting unsorted for years. One reason that it has gone undone is because most of what is in there is a mix of stamps from Canada, and from the 20's to 50's.

Organization is key to stamp collecting and I have some real beauties that I need to get sorted out.

That means I need to:

  • to mount all of my Netherlands & former colonies (Surinam, Curaçao, Netherlands Antilles, Dutch Indies, Indonesia) stamps on self made album pages
  • to learn about postal history collecting of Curaçao and get some (more) covers
  • to write up and complete Tunisia, Cameroon, and Mali after independence (until 1970)

I have some stamps that I'd like to get authenticated before I take any further action with them.

I also have a lot of extraneous stamps, including a lot of on- and off-paper US kiloware, that I'd like to gradually sell off and reinvest whatever proceeds I get from them into my collection.

I also want to collect all of the stamps from all of my families weddings. Not just the nieces but also of my brothers, sisters, and parents. I know they only have the sentimental value, but that is a value none the less. A lot of my nieces are opting for custom postage so that makes it even more rewarding since these really are in short supply. Even if they aren't worth anything. A lot of websites like give you the chance to print your own stamps for weddings. They are real stamps. So I want to make a real collection for them.

Some of my collection was organized during my drinking days. I'm hoping to get everything organized in a way that makes sense, as well as mounting all the loose stamps I have lying around (if but only for storage).

Plus my youngest wants to start collecting Japanese stamps. We use Wunderlist, you can even add images etc. I like that there are desktop and mobile apps, which keep everything synced. She can use here phone and I can use my computer.

It allows us to connect in ways I never thought were possible.