"I didn't live in the 50's, but everything seemed more wholesome and clean back then," my bosses wife told me as she was welcoming me and my husband into the front door. She holds two parties each for their 3 college kids.

One, early before the school year ends , then another at the beach for all the summer friends. I think the more money you have and the social circles put the pressure on, and you can't just get by with a day at Chuckie Cheese.

The 50s-mid 60s have been incredibly mythologized by pop culture since the 70s and 80s, in part to sell shit to baby boomers.

I for one ain't buying!


Before we converted our basement into a party room we had a bar down there. It was big, expensive and cozy. Then we sobered up.

Not wanting to blow more money on it we decided to try some different things witht eh space.

And we ended up coming to so pretty nice solutions.

For speakers we ended up going to a flea market to see what we could find.

They will more than likely have much better (while outdated) systems that would throw all of these in the garbage. I got two satellite 8 inch Sony home audio speakers and an aging (I don't mind a retro look) Sherwood receiver all for $45. In the same day I got a powered 100 watt Technics sub-woofer for an extra $50. $95 and a day spent at a flea market got me a system much better than any of the three you've found.

Get a bluetooth converter box and your set. The Jawbone is also in consideration here.

You can stream audio over wifi from iPhone/iPod Touch/iTunes on a computer to the AirPort express.

Then run a 3.5mm stereo cable from the airport express in to an amplifier or stereo receiver input. Hook up speakers to your receiver and you have a great sounding rig. Airport Express is $99. This assumes of course you have a stereo receiver and speakers.

But if you want low-tech becuase you feel the whole "small but loud" trend in home music amplification of late has really left the idea of good sounding audio in the garbage can. Old thrift shop stereo systems with decent sized speakers are a great way to go. Just get a 1/8 in stereo to RCA cable, go into any input other than "phono", and you're good to go.