I have come to view 'alcoholism' as kind of a cunning 3rd party that resides in my brain that I have to do battle with periodically every day. I believe that sobriety is yet another party in our minds but with good intentions.

I think about this concept every day. Having gone through the experience of just being dry, then falling into relapse and finally making the decision to commit to Alcoholics Anonymous and seeing/feeling real sobriety is the best feeling in the world.

it's been quite painful at times, but I feel as though it's made me a better person than I was even way before alcohol entered my life. I look at my interactions with people, my motivations for doing certain things, and my thought processes.

The process I'm currently in has offered me so many more gifts that I ever thought possible. A new life is opening up daily for me - and I love it. It truly is the only way of life for me.


Drink? It's the easy way.

Drinking is how I would avoid dealing with my problems and emotions. It was so easy to grab some liquor and forget about what was bothering me so I could "be happy" which was ths false sense that was never happy.

Honestly, I catch myself sometimes wishing I could just drown myself in a swimming pool of liquor and blame everyone else for my problems.

I've been reflecting on this for a while so it's funny that this is one of the first posts I saw on this sub today.

Dranking allowed me to avoid dealing with my issues and emotions. I'm trying to deal with them now although I get sick of it sometimes. But I'm not giving up we have to never forget how the good leads to the bad that landed us all in our desperate situations.

It is like the end of a relationship.

When you break up, you are thinking about the end and the shit that led to the end. But with time you remember the good and forget the bad. Then five years later you see that person at a party and think why the hell did we ever break up? But if you are dumb enough to hook up again, it is not long before the shit comes out again.

Oh right, this is why we broke up.


It really is astounding.

I feel free.

Free like I never felt strapped to a bottle.

How long did it take?

Sobriety is the ultimate life hack.

Seriously, it cured all the things I'd been seeking medical help for.

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Rosacea
  • Excessive perspiration


Literally tens of thousands of dollars seeking a medical cure for something I was spending tens of thousands of dollars doing to myself.


I would have paid thousands for a drug that did all this for me, but instead we get it for free. Sobriety has been like water from the fountain of youth for me. I feel like I have regained my love of life.

I survived a party last night, lots of drinking, and today, knowing that I didn't drink, that I don't have the self-hate and the worry about what I did, words cannot describe it.


An economist would call the money you spent on the booze in you bar a "sunk cost". Basically, that cost shouldn't be considered when determining what's best for you going forward.

It's already spent.

It's gone, it's been gone. Now what's better for you going forward? to drink or to stay sober? either way, the money is still spent. Sobriety is absolutely better. Thank you for your perspective. Not like I can get a refund; I'll have more money and more happiness going forward as a sober person anyway.

It's really important for me to feel safe and comfortable in my home. That's not possible, at least right now, with a stocked bar.

You could give away the alcohol. Throwing it out, however, would be symbolic of your decision to build a sober, happy life and getting rid of "poison" is necessary.

The home bar? You make the space an office or use for darts or other games.

I emptied my liquor cabinet and replaced it with other decorative things.